24 Installments


Three days ago I set all my domains to 24 installment payments. However, when I open their individual page (I opened a few) the option for 24 installments is not there (there is 3, 6 and 12 months only).
I asked for support using the blue button and they reported the issue to “the team”. Today, there are no updates for this issue.
I’m curious if this is a sitewide issue or if it’s just with my names. Does anyone else have names with 24 installment option that donesn’t show on the name’s landing page?


Support reply: “Though, the maximum duration of an installment plan is 24 months, In some cases, SH may only offer installment plans for 12 month or 6 month duration (depending upon the selling price).”
My two further questions:

  • what is the minimum sale price for the 24 month installments?
  • why does my marketplace dashboard still show “24 months” under every name?


Reply from SH: “Hi Ruben, although you’re able to set 24 months on your domains’ installment setup, the system will only show what’s allowable. For example, if a domain is good for a 12-month installment, if you set 6 months installment, it’ll show 6 months. If you set it for 12 months, it will show 12 months. But if you set it for 24 months, since it’s good for a 12-month installment only, then it’ll only show 12 months in its landing site.”
I asked about the minimum price to allow for the 24 month installments.
The reply: “We don’t have that information here in the support. It’s decided by our branding team and they’re considering factors other than the price.”
I think it would be nice to know about this criteria…


@DNFront I’m assuming you didn’t get a response with any further details on this, since there were no more updated posts.

I figured I would try and revive this topic because I believe it’s a valid and reasonable request. If the domains were only SH owned then they would have a little more ground to defend not sharing this information, I’m not saying it’d be right, just they would have a better chance at justifying their position. However, since there are also creative owned domains that are affected by this policy or strategy, I believe it’s in the rights of the domain owner to have access to such relevant information.