20th win on New Year's Day!

When I found this place (just barely over 6 months ago), I felt strongly that this was something I could do well. I got a win within my first week and thought I was Queen of the Universe, but started to struggle afterwards. (It’s not as easy as just showing up and slinging a few names around, apparently.)

Once the new rule was implemented that permanent Tier A status could be achieved with 20 lifetime wins, that became my goal and focus, and I reeeeeeally wanted to get it before the year ended. Well, I didn’t quite make it by December 31st, but I am very pleased to wake up to win #20 on New Year’s Day.

This place is the best. I feel like I’m home.

Now, what’s my next goal?


@geniuswaitress Great Job!! This is going to be a fantastic year!


@geniuswaitress.way to go. …3 more steps and I will be at the top of the guaranteed latter with you,lol. .it’s the toughest latter to climb with so many creative souls to follow! !! One step at a time…See you guys at the Top :grinning: Happy New Year and keep on keep oning :+1:

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Congratz, GeeWait - It took much longer than 6 months for many of us to win 20 projects, so you’re actually doing quite well. :+1:

Not surprised, however, because you consistently submit great names that follow the brief, that are unique and original, and it’s obvious you’ve put some thought and creativity into your entries. :clap:


Congratulations, @geniuswaitress!!! It is so great to be able to celebrate milestones!!!

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Congratulations! Job well done! Hope to join you and @Marye5 real soon…3 more to go!