2017 was a great SH year - gratitude


2017 was a great year on SH and I wanted to express my deep gratitude to @Darpan and all of the contest holders who came through. It was better than 2016 for me personally and I am looking forward to 2018 being even better. Thanks to the entire SH team for making it possible and for always answering our questions and dealing with us in such an extremely professional manner. It’s all just really appreciated. I also want to shout out to all of the creatives who have worked so hard, creating beautiful names and logos and for just being nice people!


I AGREE!!! I just started Squadhelp in May and it has allowed me the opportunity to fund and to take care of our rescue animals and things needed for our farm. The opportunity that Squadhelp has created I am SO THANKFUL and GREATFUL. I definitely enjoy the fun challenge… and it keeps me thinking. There is no money to be made in the business I am in just lives to save and take care of !!! THANK YOU SQUADHELP and BEST of luck to you all in 2018!!!


Squadhelp was definitely a bright spot in a difficult year for me. I appreciate the opportunity to compete with such creative people, and wish everyone good luck in 2018!


Well,it started out great for me…but has kinda fizzled in the last 4 months…but I know this can be cyclical, and I am hanging in. Glad I at least have an opportunity to try to win some extra money. There are some very kind and helpful people here all in all… so it makes it a pleasure! Best to all in 2018!


@Vivegoodkarma Thank you for all you do for the animals, much respect :slight_smile:


@ALDaisy1 so sorry to hear that you had a difficult year. Here’s hoping 2018 is much, much better.


@hollygirl there definitely are ups and downs… do you ever calculate your average? That is what keeps me going. I calculate my monthly average pretty much every month and try not to focus on “this month”. Try it, if you haven’t already! The down times make me feel like I’ve totally lost my mojo… so I look at averages…


I think we all had difficult years that’s one of the reasons I’m here trying to earn some money .That is what life is , you get some difficult moments and some good ones.
Im sure most people on here could tell some tragic stories


So true, Johnny. Welcome to the gang, too.


Thank you… we have rescued over 47 animals… We primarily have horses but we take care of anything!!!


Wow @vivegoodkarma – that really warms my heart! Keep on winning for those animals!


We have a rescue minature horse about ready to give birth any day I will have to share as soon as the foal is born!!!