2 Newbie Questions

I am new to SH and I’ve looked through previous threads for this answer to no avail.
At the bottom of a contest it shows Trending with three spots and creatives names. What does this mean? Is it top three names the CH likes or top three with highest rankings?
Also, if a CH wants a name only, but after checking you find the name is already trademarked and the web saturated with it…would you still submit it?

@LisaMac, welcome to Squadhelp. Regarding the first question, you might want to refer to this thread:

For Second question, you might want to see this thread:

Hope this helps

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Thanks @Dan. Still finding my footing. Guess what I meant to ask is…I notice that in a lot of contests, the top trending contestants don’t win the contest. So it is only used if SH picks a winner?

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Top trending section is not used for winner selection - it is more of an informational section which shows who are the top rated contestants so far in the current contest.

This does not necessarily mean that one of these contestants will actually win the contest but usually there is a high correlation between top trender and the final contest winner. As an example, if someone receives a 5 star rating, they will likely feature in the top trending section.

As the contest reaches its completion, and if they are still in the top trending section, it is a strong possibility that the contest holder will pick them as the winner. However, there are many instances where this does not happen - because the CH might end up picking a name which was submitted closer to the end of contest and they might not have rated it yet, which means it was never featured in top trending section. Hope I didn’t confuse you more :smile:

Hi @LisaMac I think that if there are 12 five star entries, for example, and one contestant has 4 of those 5 star entries (#1 trending user) and the other two each have 3 and 2 five star entries (#2 and #3 trending users), they have the highest ratings for the most entries and are therefore top trending users. This equals 10, so there are still 2 other people each with one 5 star entry that could win. They just didn’t have the MOST highest rated entries. The more high rated entries, the more opportunities for someone who is not trending to win. Hope that makes sense!
So it is not so much for the CH to use to decide a winner, it is for us to see how we compare, I guess and give props to those who are hitting the mark.

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@Dan No you didn’t confuse me more. You answered and I thank you. I’ll get the hang of it

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And (to confuse you even more) often lower-rated entries are re-rated or chosen without being re-rated. That’s why many CHs will request that contestants leave all their 3-rated and 4-rated entries in a contest even when there’s a fair number of 5s.

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Not every girl that marries a prince gets a chance to bask in the title of a princess, and not every 3 star winning entry gets promoted to the highest rating at the time of a crowning ceremony. It takes a special pedigree to be elevated through the ranks :wink:

@Vision You are a poet and I am certainly no princess. I have enjoyed your responses throughout different threads on this board. I don’t expect to win a contest. My participation is purely selfish. It gives me something to do quietly whilst caring for my special needs child and to remind myself that my brain can do more than spout medical procedures lol. :blush: