2 creative have entered same name

Contest was a name for Sock brand. I entered SolMate, The other Person entered Solemate. Is there not any notification when u enter name so close. I feel I should have gotten some thing. ? Maybe. I worked with SH few years ago. Didn’t take much effort. Now I have aquired a medical memory problem. I stay up nite after nite. working. I refuse to give in. Anyways, sorry for getting angry. Goodluck .

My honest opinion(sorry call it as I see it) , 1st off how come you didn’t enter sole mate with an "E’ if it wasn’t available that means someone entered it before you thought abought it, and 2 Sol and Sole are completely different names and meanings sol( sun) sole (bottom of foot) so in essence your name was Sun Mates (doesn’t really fit socks)

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“Sole Mates” spelled just like that definitely connects more to feet. Was there a winner very similar to that if not spelled that way once before? Does anyone know and if so, can that spelling be submitted twice?

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Related note…to…whoever were…not…in…favor of …similar…of…xxxxedge…names.
One of last week’s and one of yesterdays…winning…name.
.has won…before…
Totally same name…
Once again…CH…pays…for…what…they…like…


When I submitted the name I did not get the warning that this has won before.

I’ve tried this name and at least 3 other shoe/sock store naming competitions, but this is the first time anyone really liked it!


In this CH you found your soulmate :slight_smile:


It’s not really the same name, if you ask me, just very similar. If it were the same name, but one was singular and one was plural, that’s another story. Sounds like you’re on the right track though, keep it up!


@Anjy you raise an excellent point. CH pays for what they like!

I won a contest a while back with the frowned upon xxxEdge theme. As soon as I won I knew there were people rolling their eyes in disgust. Somebody even posted a vague comment, but it was obvious who it was aimed at.

Anyway, my point is, certain names are played out with contestants…NOT CHs!!

So I’m confused as to why people get so bent about it. Complaining how it’s not creative and so on. It just makes me wonder who we’re trying to impress, the CH or each other.

But then I wonder if it’s just status? I find the forums to be a bit high school at times. For example, I’ve seen regulars win by literally submitting a name the CH has already mentioned in the brief. LITERALLY the exact same name, letter for letter, and nobody vaguely takes a stab at them. Infact, I mentioned something about it and another regular defended them. I’ve seen this more than once, and it’s always been a regular. It doesn’t get any less creative than that, imo. Giving the CH a name they’ve already considered. IT SHOULD BE AGAINST THE RULES!!!

But submitting a name that’s not in the brief, that is perfect for the CH, is a no no because y’all are sick of seeing it? SMH

Ha…I just remembered that one of the wins that was pulled directly from the brief was a xxxEdge name. That is the one that was defended by another regular as well!! Hmmm


errrm sol means sun , sole is a part of the foot - sorry blue but they are really nothing like each other

@Jose, But what about those that leave golden footprints in a sun-drenched sand ? :wink:


@Chasity2ku, Some clients simply insist on bringing their own food to a restaurant :slight_smile:

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@vision This is true, but they don’t pay the restaurant now do they? That would be absurd!!

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@Chasity2ku, They’d be paying for the white-linen table service of having their own food warmed up :slight_smile:

you dont wear socks in the sand :wink:

@vision yes but thats paying for a completely different service. This could go back and forth but it’s really not even the point.

Even though it drives me insane when an entry like that wins, ultimately the CH picked and didn’t see a problem with it. I can’t argue with that.

My real point was that I see people being treated differently based on status. It makes me cringe!! Like I said, it seems a bit high school.

I’ll quote the same person that made a vague comment about my unworthy win:

“You know who you are.”



Sorry for the pointing it at wrong direction…it wasn’t the only one…I meant.

Anyway, I will still vote for anonymous bot.
.whenever…SH…required to pick from top 10/or less, hide. .creative…names…and…pick…the…best…fit.

It makes a difference. …

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Sometimes life SOCKS… :smirk:


Socks, Bugs, and Rock and Roll :sunglasses:


@Blue…You can often lose contests by a letter difference, someone reversing the same name you entered,adding a slightly different ending,adding an “s”, etc.All things that have happened to me.(And others too,I’m sure)

I just lost one last week by one letter difference. The CH likes what they like, and it’s their dime.It sucks sometimes when you are so close. I have had CH’s reveal my name I submitted, then ask others to work off of it,then got beaten by creatives who just tweaked my idea/name a bit.

You have great names rejected, and then see a name win you feel is unworthy.(Or one you submitted then deleted, then it wins for someone else)

Things like these happen all the time, but unless it is a deliberate “foul”,you have to roll with it.

In the last 3 or so weeks I have lost at least 4 contests where I was trending. One in particular I had the only love it the entire contest,even after it closed…then they chose someone else’s name who wasn’t even trending.I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me…or I share the top spot with one other person,and they invariably choose the other person’s name.Frustrating…but it’s all part of the gig.

I am sure anyone that has been here any amount of time has experienced these same things.

You eventually learn that you can’t have any expectations to win.Hope,yes…but not expectations. Until or unless you get the email saying you won…it’s anyone’s game.