15 wins are enough to become eligible for Tier A status permanently


I would like to know what percentage of participating Creatives on the site are already Tier A. This conversation makes it sound like it’s a very exclusive designation, but maybe we aren’t seeing the whole picture. I can’t speak as to whether it’s harder to win contests now versus a year ago, but 20 wins still seems like an obtainable goal. I don’t mean any offense, I just think if a large percentage of Creatives are already Tier A, then lowering the bar will only make the designation functionally meaningless. And I stand by my belief that submitting fewer, more targeted entries is the best way to elevate your percentages, regardless.


I don’t think permanent status should be easy to get, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s completely fair for many reasons already said. I think it should be granted based off a win to contests and entries entered ratio.

Ex: if creative A achieves 20 wins after entering 100 contests and submitting 200 entries over 1 year and creative B also achieves 20 wins after entering 100 contests and submitting 200 entries but over 4 years, is there any difference in their ability to provide solid tier A quality entries? Is there any indication creative A is so much better that they should achieve permanent tier A status a whole 3 years before creative B?

Maybe SH sees it as an incentive to keep creatives active but for many of us we would spend more time if our schedules allowed it…it’s not that we’re not as dedicated as creative A, we just don’t have their kinda time.


As to me it prevents me from living. One day I have this status, another day - no. This does not mean that I’m better at work or worse. Simply the client’s stars did not coincide with mine. However, when chaching day occurs, it is very important to have the Tier status. I noticed that I get much more money than on days when I do not have it.


@Edukar I can see how that would make participating difficult. My percentages never really fluctuated much even before Tier A status, so I haven’t had to experience that, but I am sorry that’s happening to some Creatives.


Thanks for all your feedback. Our #1 goal is to ensure that the contests result in a successful outcome, with extremely low abandonment. We are a competitive platform, and while it would be very easy for us to lower the bar for Tier A qualification (or even remove it completely), we believe it would lead to additional dissatisfaction and abandonment. It will also dilute the meaning of this status.

Tier A contests are where the contest holder is explicitly seeking more thoughtful, high-quality submissions from creatives who have consistently proven this ability in past contests. We have 3 different qualification methods in place to ensure that any creative can achieve Tier A status regardless of their tenure, or the amount of contests they participate in. We have Tier A creatives who only joined the platform less than 3 months ago. We also have several Tier A creatives who only participate in less than 10 contests a month or submit only 1-2 entries per contest. You do not need to participate in SH platform on a full-time basis (neither do we recommend it) to achieve a Tier A status.

If you are struggling to achieve this status, we highly recommend submitting less entries per contest, including a clear explanation for entries, only participating in those contests where you “feel” a strong connection. These techniques have proven to improve the percentile score.

Here is a help article that covers these recommendations:


I don’t think the discussion was about acheiving tier A status, but to qualify for permanent Tier A status.


I also do not understand why this is happening, but my percentage fluctuates between 58-62%.


I don’t mean to be contrary, or not sound sympathetic…but perhaps some of you are forgetting how myself and a few others awhile back, championed to have there even BE a permanent tier A status.

Before, even if you had 50 wins for example…there was no safe zone so to speak.If you had a bad month or two, and didn’t fulfill the quota that was in place to qualify to keep your Tier A…you would lose it and have to prove yourself over and over. I brought up the fact that creatives who have had a high amount of wins and been here awhile should have some security,and not have to keep proving themselves over and over.

I was so thankful when SH listened and made the 20 contest win rule.

I know it is harder to win now…but it still is attainable. And I have to say I kind of agree with Grant, that if you keep lowering the amount of wins to get Tier A status…then it loses its effectiveness as something to attain or to earn/strive for. It took me awhile too, to get the permanent Tier A. Please don’t give up! Just like dealing with ratings,it sometimes is frustrating,seems unfair etc…but there has to be some kind of process and levels in place.

I really feel you all though. Sometimes this is a tough gig. There are times I throw my hands up and say I must be crazy to keep doing this…but then you get a win,or some splits, or sell a marketplace name…and then it gives you impetus to keep going.I think you all are amazing and needed here! Big hugs!


Thank you, we are continuing our work!
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