15 wins are enough to become eligible for Tier A status permanently


Dear creatives, please support my proposal. Once I asked the administration to allow perpetual access to A Tier status for the old-timers of the site. However, I did not set the number of victories. Since we have a lot of cases in real life, 20 victories is too onerous for many of us. I ask the SH team to lower the limit to 15 wins. The figure 15 is symbolic only because it ends the distribution of Squadhelp Concueror III cups. After 15 wins on Squad, they no longer give out regalia and other marks.


I like to lower it to 10 wins…


It would be great but it’s better to start off with small steps :0)


Is Tier A status permanent after 20 victories?


Yes it is Bill. You achieve permanent tier a status at 20 wins


Tier A should be removed or redefined in a more meaningful manner, as it doesn’t really seem to mean anything at the moment. What is a Tier A creative anyway?


I’m also against this rating, because I believe that the percentage of wins is important, not good grades. Everyone is lucky in his own way. Likes are not an indicator of skill. But since there is a Tier A, I propose to low the threshold for its receipt for permanent status


I think the intent of Tier A was to show CH’s the best names first and not to overwhelm them with 200 names in the first hour.

Is it doing this? I don’t know. I guess only SH knows for sure.


Hi All,

Similar topics have come up in the past. We do believe that features such as Tier A, Early Access, and Entries relevant to Percentile Score and contest ratings are important and effective.

The permanent Tier A status option is a fairly recent addition to our policy based on the feedback from you, the Creative Community. At this time, we would like to keep the bar at 20 wins, as we believe permanent Tier A status must be measured by an exceptionally high number of wins.


So pity, Grant, so pity. However, even professionals want more incentives. I propose to stimulate their work with new cups, for example, for a large fee (more $500) in one contest, a cup for 20 wins and a diamond cup for 50 wins.


It might be nice to have a badge for selling an Instant Domain, too. :slight_smile:


Yes! It would be great!


20 is too much if we are taking into consideration how tough it is to win this days. For instance I have no single win this month, do you think many of the upcoming creative is not even worse than my unbeaten streak this month? 15 is a reasonable number


I agree. Now there are fewer contests than a year and a half ago when I came here. Secondly, I remember that before it was enough to win one contest at all in order to gain access to the preferred competitions. I asked to lower the threshold quite a bit. For those who remember and have already earned several wins. A Percentile Score, in my opinion, is a big mistake. There are women who are loved by all, but no one marries them. Good grades are not an indicator of skill. Only the result is important. I think it is very important not just to be liked by the client, but to give him a name that he chooses and will use all his life. I do not dispute the decision of the management, but I ask you to listen to our opinion. We already have several dozen people. Thanks to everyone who supported me.


Thank you for your continued feedback.

It is important to note that there are several ways to achieve Tier A status. If you follow our contest entry best practices, and submit entries that come close to what the CH is looking for, you will reach this status over time.

We are already getting comments from Contest Holders that, even in Tier A contests, they are seeing creatives who are following a rapid fire approach or submitting entries that are not following the contest brief. We will continue to monitor submissions; and if we find that any Creative is uses these practices, we will remove their Tier A status. Achieving Tier A status should not mean that you change your strategy - there is an ongoing responsibility and expectation to submit entries that are unique, thoughtful, and in alignment with the contest brief.

Furthermore, we do not want to dilute our Tier A Creative ranking, as we need a clear distinction that sets a strong threshold. People who are submitting strong entries will achieve this over time. The method of reaching Tier A status through 20 wins is designed to take a long-term commitment to quality contest participation.


I find myself discouraged because I’ve been here for over 2 1/2 years, worked very hard, have received lots and lots of high ratings (and low ones too), have lost count of have many times I’ve come close to winning ( down to two or three people ,loves or shortlisted, or the contest was cancelled) but only have scratched out 11 wins. Since last Nov, I’ve had to go ‘part time’ as life has beckoned me with added responsibilities and committments. I feel the current system favors ‘full time’ participants as their chances of winning are more than part-timers. I do feel like giving up now that 20 wins are set in stone, and seems like it will take 2 more years to achieve with the fierce competition and creative people here. So for those of us who are always 'bridesmaids", I would like SH to see the qualifications for permanent Tier A status from this point of view.


IMHO these matters are very subjective. Contest holders change their minds a lot as the contest goes on, and there are often communication issues where the creatives have difficulty understanding what the CH means, often caused by an incomplete/confusing/cut off brief or technical errors. Besides experimentation and randomness are necessary in order to gauge what the CH likes as we cannot read their mind, so we are all off-base a lot. Even creative’s unique and thoughtful ideas maybe rejected by CH for many reasons.

What maybe more practical is make it easy for individual CHs to block contestants who don’t conform with their expectations, which I think already exists. Or maybe the ability to set a limit, such as 5 No Thanks and a creative can’t participate any more in that contest.


Thank you for not ignoring our requests and giving honest answers. LauraE is absolutely right. Permanent status can be achieved only with full employment. Many of us have work, families, children, other duties and the level of 20 victories seems unattainable. Very often the customer gives victory to someone who has little or no likes. I agree with the opinion of @lightless that you need to give the CH the right to block unwanted creatives. I repeat once again that if the SH team likes a Percentile Score, then I do not mind. I asked to lower the threshold a little. And I’m grateful that you are trying to make our life better.


Grant, I thought long and hard about responding to this but I feel the need for things to be said. First, I think many creatives on this string have really valid points about lowering the threshold for Tier A. This does not impact me, but I support them because I know that it has gotten MUCH harder to win in the last few months. And, we’ve lost $150 contests plus many contests are not guaranteed. Second, on the feedback for CHs on rapid fire and not following the brief… please remember our side of this… this is a competition and a percentage of what causes us to win is not just to give the CH the winning name - it’s to give it to them FIRST. The number of times I’ve tried to enter a name and found someone else already entered it is high. I’m sure that is true for everyone. In terms of following the brief, that is super subjective as lightless said. You’d be surprised how many times a contest holder literally says “I want this” and we sub “this” and it is immediately rejected. Not even a recognition of being on the right track, when they said they want “this”!

I’m all for listening to customers and doing everything we can to keep them happy. But we are not sitting in an office being paid for our time to think up ideas. We are being paid only for wins. We can’t win if someone subs that great name first. I am positive there are creatives that fall into the category you are talking about - those still trying to sub names that make no sense, etc. (I remember when Darpan gave some examples a long time ago-shocking). But you clamped down on that a while ago and continue as you say. What you are hearing in this string is frustration because it is much harder to win now already and if you are way behind the 8 ball and not able to enter, then it is completely discouraging.

Thanks for listening. I hope that SH reconsiders for the sake of those who keep trying and are so disheartened.


Commulinks, many thanks that having a permanent A Tier status you did not remain indifferent!