100+ Contests. How are you doing?


There are 100+ contests active on Squadhelp, which to my knowledge has never happened before on Squadhelp. How are the more active of you coping with the deluge of contests?

I am finding it very hard to keep up with the contests I participate, and I have to forget most of them after an initial round of activity. I cannot manage even a cursory glance into half of the active contests, because reading briefs and thinking of tailored entries feels torturous after handling the first few new contests in a day.


i feel exhausted and need some reboot…


I like the option of different choices but it’s so hard to keep track of them, cater to the CHs, wait for feedback (in the STILL rare cases where feedback is given that isn’t automated), and be able to return. Watchlist is doing no good at this point because it is swamped. I’m losing track of the FEW contest that have actually closed compared to the ones that are encroaching on two months of wait time, and it’s chaotic.


Can’t keep up, have to let many go w/o entering…too many


I’m a little stressed. With so many contests to work on, but it’s difficult keeping track. However, it is nice to be able to pass one over when you just can’t connect with the CH and know there’s more fish in the sea.


I changed to 1 contest a day (at most)-- I don’t know how you guys do it. I solute your stamina. :fallen_leaf:


Since the grizzled veterans here have seen and taken part in umpteen contests of all sorts, I presume it will be easier for them to get going in a contest and make the best use of their time/effort. But still, we are seeing a never before surge in number of contests (And competition of course, with it).


I would love to see "a view all "list of new contests instead of having to click on each individual contest. Probably not possible bc we have to sign the nda. I can not keep up with them either.


Well, my ADD is going through the roof. I can barely keep up with 5 let alone that high amount


This is a great problem to have, right???
I have been using filters a lot more than ever before to help me to focus. I want to pay close attention to the ones I am working on and so I have to filter out some things.


Hi, thought I’d reach out. This is my first time that I have put on a contest. What I am is seeing is, it’s about quality, not quantity. If I was you I would commit to the projects that you connect with and forget the the rest. Try to have a personal approach and share your thoughts on how you came up with the name. I like the names that have a story or emotion behind. Make me feel something. Hope this helped.


Hey there, appreciate you chiming in. Hope you enjoy your stay at Squadhelp and that you find a name that you love. Always nice and insightful to hear what the other side (Contest holders) think and feel.


yes its nice to see a ch scotty o74 writing in here. I would like to go to your contest and enter some names because you are engaged, unfortunately we cant search by contest holders name and there are so many it would take a long time to find you


It is http://www.squadhelp.com/domainContest/13126/Baby_Product_Busines