$100 Contests asking for Tier A creatives only?

I had actually thought the $100 contests were a thing of the past. However, I do check most contests out and continually see $100 contests opting for “Tier A creatives only”. Surely at that level of contest, the CHs shouldn’t even have the option of requesting this?? $100 is an entry-level contest and should be treated as such, with the better options being reserved for higher paying contests. (disclaimer: I am Tier A, so can participate but at $100 I choose mostly not to.)


You can offer premium domains only. In this case, you risk nothing.


I think if one submits a premium domain to a $100 contest, you likely risk getting a swift No Thank You rating back! But the point I was making is that I feel the option to be able to request “Tier A creatives only” should not be available to the basic $100 contests. If all the SH options are available to these entry level contests, then what is the inducement for them to step up and start a higher paying contest?


You are absolutely right. There must be respect for the masters of naming!
I hope the SH team draws conclusions and does not allow the CH to open such contests for level Tier A


logical, I wouldn’t rule out those without that status, we get excellent newbies all the time, but yes, Tier A should be reserved. We all know the higher the prize the harder (longer) we work at it. I give my best to all prize levels always, but I‘ll submit more entries for a bigger prize.


Just my two cents, noting that I’m not in the best of moods from body aches lol, but I seriously feel like Tier A has little meaning anymore. I’ve felt that way for a while now but Yolo.


I agree. Only real benefit of Tier A was to be able to enter contests early and had unlimited entries. You had to have won a minimum of 20 contests. Now it doesnt take much to become Tier A. Heres what the requirements are now:

  • Method 1: If you have won at least 1 contest during the last 6 months and your percentile score (based upon CH ratings) is 80% or above.
  • Method 2: If you have won at least 3 contests during the last 6 months and your percentile score (based upon CH ratings) is 60% or above.
  • Method 3: If you have been with Squadhelp for at least 30 days and your percentile score is 85% or above.
  • Method 4: If you have received 20 or more lifetime wins at Squadhelp.

You may lose a Tier A status under these conditions:

  • If your account no longer meets the qualification criteria outlined above.
  • If your account is not in Good Standing (e.g. multiple policy violations, failure to take a corrective action upon receiving a warning, etc)

It occurred to me, that is was a lot easier to win in days past. Better odds. Tier A‘s Don’t get unlimited entries anymore. I know I had close to a full year without a win and I am not as constrained on entries, makes me wonder if the bar is too high now.