$100 Contests are back?

I went on to the Active Contests lists today and some of them are showing as $100 contests, and others are showing as $135. Is this a system error or did I miss some recent announcement? It was pretty clear (to me at any rate) that the $100 contests were gone and had been increased to $135. So what happened?


Hi,there is a thread in senor lounge…“CHANGES TO CONTEST PRICING”,I think it will answer your question.


Hi, Would you be so kind to clarify this? I have the same question about the $100 contests as I’ve seen quite a few in the past week or two. What/where is this “senor lounge” you refer to? I don’t see anything like that here. I also tried searching “changes to contest pricing” and nothing is coming up. Thank you!

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Hi @Prism_Ink
Go to discussion forums home page and click’
'all categories ’ there will be a drop down list…you should see ‘senior lounge’ in the list.You could try clicking on that to search for what you are looking for? I hope this helps…Maybe some of our co-creatives can help direct you to the right place if this doesn’t get you there?

please note that the senior lounge maybe locked to certain creatives
also you could use blue button for help.


The very first thing I did was look at the categories on the drop down menu and it did not have a “senior lounge”. I also saw another link that opened the full page of categories and it takes me to the same categories as on the drop down menu and no “senior lounge”. Then I ran a search by the title you said in all categories and the results didn’t reveal that post either. Here’s a screenshot so you can see what I’m seeing. Also not sure which blue button you’re referring to,. I see something like that always present in the lower right corner when on the main SquadHelp site but not when on the forum pages. I’ll try that next though.

I’m assuming if you dont see the senior lounge thread,you dont have access


you originally needed a trust level 3 or higher to have access


Yes.The blue button that you see on main page is direct support from the administrators to get help,it doesn’t appear on forum page.Good luck in your quest.

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Apparently don’t have access because I don’t see it. Thanks for the response!

Not sure where that little tidbit is. I don’t see a trust level on my profile. I recently returned after being gone for a long time and lost all of my ranking while inactive. I’m having to start all over again from square one so probably haven’t made it to level 3 yet. Thanks for the info!


This is what support said although the announcement didn’t give the impression that it was a test:
Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out. At this time we’re testing new pricing for our contest.
Please note this is a temporary action. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.