1 Star Rating - Popup Confirmation

We have now added a popup confirmation in case the contest holder chooses 1 star rating for any entry. The popup informs them about the criteria for 1 star rating, and reconfirms their choice before proceeding with the rating. Hopefully this will reduce the occurrence of 1 star ratings in cases where the CH is not aware of the rating guidelines or is using it as a mechanism to hide entries.


What does that mean: “using it as a mechanism to hide entries”?

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Fantastic Dan, and this will definitely make a huge difference so thank you for implementing that feature )))) Not to rain on the parade but if you get a 1 star now it should hurt double -10Points?

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@Laurelana, when a CH gives a 1 star or 2 star rating to an entry, we auto hide it for them so they can focus on remaining entries. If a CH is not aware of the rating guidelines or is simply clicking on 1 star rating so they can hide them, this popup will slow them down, and they will have to reconfirm their choice before proceeding forward. So in some ways, it will act as a deterrent and hopefully will minimize any accidental/ incorrect 1 star ratings.


Hallelujah. Thanks, Dan. Hopefully that will help slow’em down. Maybe someday in the near future, squadhelp could make it so that number two star’s dissappear and one star ratings remain. That would probly do the trick. Any thoughts?

Thanks again!