1* ratings started like wind today

I got 5 of those 1* today, very first time in two months.

Now we are not getting those 50 point for new contest, it hurts my points bank!!!

Can we request CH? It is not for entries they don’t like.

1* should be used only for - ‘brief not followed’ entries.


Me too Anjy , and with several contests. Names that had higher ratings at first were knocked down to 1s. I am super low on points. And I am following their briefs

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same here although mine were not that good…but probably better than a 1 lol

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Dan, could we revisit the idea of “2”-rated entries lowering our submission percentage? Unless one is on the Top 25 list, hardly anyone is going to have many entries to submit anymore. Because every “2” just adds to our “lower-rated entries” and that’s what most CHs rate, even after contests close. Thanks!

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Yeah my rating % dropped more than 15% in one month, because reallistically most CH’s apply two’s more frequently!

2 star ratings do not effect our rating as updated in the forum here under round 3, they are neutral with no points lost.Oct 20
We have updated the Pie charts on user profile page. The 2 and 3 rated entries will now count towards Neutral section - only 1 star entries will count towards the Low Rated section.

Really? I keep getting twos and my rating is dropping all the time! When did this start?

Dan posted it Oct. 20 , check out the thread Round 3 of point system. Gives you a break down. It may just be because ones are running rampant anymore.

Or is not getting rated at all ina competition contributing to it? Because I barely ever get one ratings…a bus load of two’s though haha

I’m not sure. Maybe @Dan can answer that.

Exactly. That’s why I questioned the decline. After I get a number of 2s, I see it go down.

Only ones should effect our ratings but maybe there’s a glitch. I don’t look at mine anymore. Too depressing!

The rating percentage is calculated using this formula:

Total high rated entires/ Total rated entries

Total high rated entries are all entries which received 4 star or 5 star rating. Therefore, for this ratio, 1 star, 2 star and 3 star ratings are treated equally. Just to illustrate that with an example, lets take two extreme scenarios:

Scenario 1. You submit 50 entries and receive 1 5 star rating, 9 4 star ratings, and 30 3 star ratings. (no 2 star and 1 star ratings)
Scenario 2. You submit 50 entries and receive 1 5 star rating, 9 4 star ratings, and 30 1 star ratings.

In the first case, your total number of rated entries is 40, and total number of high rated entries is 10 (9+1). Therefore, your high rating % is 25% (10/40)

In the second case, your total number of rated entries is still 40 (even though you received lot more 1 star ratings). Therefore, your high rating % is again 25% (10/40).

As you can see, getting a 1 star or 2 star or 3 star rating does not impact your high rating %. If you have a higher proportion of 4 star or 5 star entries (compared to total rated entries), your high rated % will go up.

I’m new here, so I don’t know how things work yet. I would really appreciate some clarification on ratings. In one contest the CH rated 309 entries with 1*. I tried to politely remind her the rules of fair rating and got a warning. Oopsy, did not know we were not allowed to do that. Now the CH has publicly admitted in the comment section that she gave 1* to the entries that she simply did not like, not to the ones that were unrelated to the brief. I wonder what happens now? Will those ratings be annulled? Will the CH get a warning or something? Or nothing happens since we are the only ones who have to follow the rules here? :slight_smile:

Maybe the person acting as CH is not the final decision maker(s), so want to leave 4-5 stars untouched until later.

I don’t think anyone really knows why this is still happening since it’s a lot harder to give 1s to 300 entries than it is to give 2s. Maybe the CH (employee) wants to show the final CH (employer) that he/she is hard at work… lol


its odd that my 4 ratings are not much different to my 1 ratings - I think this is where contestants feel the need to ask where they went wrong.

Maybe the ch just got bored and decided to not look properly

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Same here. In one contest, I submitted two entries that were similar to each other. The first received a two star rating and a request for more entries, but the second got a 1. Now I’m focusing on the update of the brief. We’ll see how this turns out.

Yeah, that’s confusing. But are there some warnings for CHs? In this case she admitted that she violated the rules of rating, and now what, nothing?

You mean the fashion podcast contest ?

@EliCreative, the ratings guidelines are just that… guidelines. At the end, it is upto the CH to decide what ratings they want to give certain entries. Since they are the ones hosting a contest, and they would be deciding which names are suitable for their use, their choice in this matter is final. If you follow other threads, there are several warnings and popups to remind the CH about the rating guidelines.

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